Mia Despotović

Mia Despotović

Senior Consultant, Sedam IT Ltd., Zagreb



I'm a senior consultant at Sedam IT Ltd. in Zagreb, PhD student at the Faculty of Economics and Business Zagreb and Executive Secretary of Experimental Economic Lab Association.

My scientific research field of interest includes human capital and future of jobs, socio-economic evaluation of knowledge and skills gained through education and related life quality disparities generated, while my professional expertise includes all phases of research and analysis projects, market analysis and market potential estimation summed up in result interpretation, report preparation and presentation.

Combination of those two resulted in active participation in Experimental Economic Lab Association gathering young, perspective professionals and more established individuals in order to study the stability and solvency of existing policies and test ongoing economic and social trends.

Former positions: Head of Financial Department at Ministry of Science, Education and Sport, Junior Consultant at two consultancy firms.

Education: CERGE EI (PhD semester), Prague; Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Zagreb, Zagreb.