Mirka Jozić

Mirka Jozić

Head of the City Office for Economy, Energetics and Environment Protection, the City of Zagreb

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Mirka Jozić is the Head of the City Office for Economy, Energetics and Environment Protection operating under the Zagreb City Administration, which is responsible for developing entrepreneurship, reducing unemployment, stimulating investments, developing tourism, operation of companies owned by the City of Zagreb, water management, systematic energy management, environment protection and sustainable waste management, as well as developing the concept of smart city management.


Having graduated from the Faculty of Economics and Business in Zagreb, she started her business career at Klariko voće d.o.o. In 2007, she took a job at the Zagrebački holding d.o.o., a large company seated in Zagreb, and in 2010 she became its CFO. Since 2013, she has been in charge of the City Office for Economy, Labour and Entrepreneurship, which was adjoined by the City Office for Energetics, Environment Protection and Sustainable Management in 2018.

Mirka Jozić is an expert in accounting, finance and banking. She specializes in the energy industry, tax policy and the smart city management platform – the development of the Smart City concept.

In the last few of years, she has been particularly involved in issues of financing start-ups in Croatia, innovations and as well as developing measures related to effective waste management. At the Zagreb City Administration, she initiated a number of projects to support the start-up community through establishing the entrepreneurial centre of the City of Zagreb - Plavi ured, establishing a VC fund, constructing the new Technology Park, projects related to utility and water management, and many other projects and measures to support entrepreneurs, attract investments and solve the issue of waste disposal in the City of Zagreb.